Samir and Nabil Abillama Collection

Collection details

Collection reference number 0066ab

Collection name Samir and Nabil Abillama Collection

Morphology 3 Films
31 Papers

Genesis Research Mission

Researcher/Intermediary Akram Zaatari, Zeina Arida

Acquisition method Donation

Date of Discovery 05/06/1998

Identified photographer(s) Philippe Jack and Saade Zouher

Identified studio(s) Philippe Jack (Photo)

Approximate period 1960s

Identified country/countries Lebanon

Identified city/cities Dbayeh

Access & Usage

Physical collection status Processed - Available in CSR

Physical collection access 34 original items available by appointment

Digitization status Digitized in HR - Available in Digital Collection

Preferred citation 0066ab - Samir and Nabil Abillama Collection, courtesy of the Arab Image Foundation, Beirut


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Documentation details Collection partially documented between 2004 and 2005 - Documentation in progress

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