Liban Intime

Curated by Samer Mohdad and Fouad el Khoury
Institut du Monde Arabe
1998/11/10  -  1999/01/11

Intimate Lebanon offers an in-depth look at Lebanese family albums and provides insight into the ways arabs photographed each other in private moments; on vacation, at family gatherings, during picnics, and even at funerals. With the advent of cheaper and more portable cameras, such as the Kodak box camera, photography became available outside the professional realm, allowing people to record the private and intimate moments of their lives.

The exhibition showcases the work of pioneer amateur photographers such as Marie el Khazen, Muhamad Arabi, Camille el Kareh, and Antranik Anouchian. A catalogue titled Histoires Intimes, Liban 1900-1960 was published to coincide with the exhibition.

Exhibition was produced by Institut du Monde Arabe.

66 modern silver prints including 19 original black and white prints

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