Hashem el Madani: Itinerary

An ongoing project by Akram Zaatari
Saida Old City, Saida, Lebanon

Hashem el Madani: "Itinerary” looks at portraiture in the place of work, specifically at portraits of individuals, shop owners or workers, standing at the door of shops they owned or worked in. By identifying locations of 41 photographs, the project retraces Madani’s path while working in Saida’s streets, in the early fifties.

In its first phase, 41 photographs are placed in 33 locations in the old city, and indicated on a location map. In its second phase, 31 additional photographs will be placed in locations outside the old city.

41 photographs displayed permanently in 33 locations in Saida’s old district.

Produced by the Arab Image Foundation and with the support of the Prince Claus Fund. In collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon

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