The Vehicle. Picturing Moments of Transition in a Modernizing Society

Curated by Akram Zaatari
Unesco Palace, Beirut, Lebanon
1999/09/01  -  1999/09/30

The Vehicle is an exhibition that traces the infiltration of modernity into the Arab world through the representation of the vehicle. Motorized means of transportation - whether automobiles, planes, ships, or trains - were significant, if not central, elements in family albums during the first half of the century in the region. The images reflect individuals' desires to picture themselves during moments of transition. It is the moment that takes them from one location to another. Modernity meant autonomy and freedom. Traveling distances in a vehicle signified speed, technology, liberation, elements that reflected the passenger's personality.

A catalogue by the same title was published to coincide with the exhibition. 

Exhibition produced by the Arab Bank.

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