Un Jour sur la Corniche

Led by George Awdé and Assisted by Margot Becka
2011/11/01  -  2012/01/01

From April to July 2011 a series of workshops were held in the public libraries of Saida, Tyre, Tripoli and Byblos and Beirut. They looked at different photographic practices in the frame of a closer examination of the Corniche, the beach promenade that all these four cities have in common, as a public space of leisure and socializing.

The photographer George Awdé, assisted by Margot Becka, introduced the workshop participants to the work of the AIF and the importance of photographic preservation, as well as to the history of photography in the region and various photographic genres and techniques. Together they experimented with large format, Polaroid and digital photography. The results of the workshops were presented between November 2011 and January 2012 in the frame of an exhibition that toured the public libraries in which the workshops took place.

The exhibition displayed images that were produced during the workshops, digitized family photographs collected from the participants as well as photographs from the Arab Image Foundation collection. The project also led to the publication of a series of postcards representing images selected or produced by the participants of the workshops.

The exhibition was conceptualized and implemented by Margot Becka, Maniezheh Firouzi, Maya Hage and Daniel Berndt.
Workshop participants // May Abboud, Mona Abboud, Samar Akiki, Mostafa Ashram, Cynthia Auon, Jane Aways, Yara Basbous, Maria Bassil, Yara Baulas, Joelle El Bitar, Mariam Ali Bourji, Magali Chaueiry, Crystelle Al Chayeb, Aida Chebli, Yasmina Ghandour, Watfa Al Haj, Vanessa Hajjar, Mounira Al Halabi, Zeina Hamady,  Bashier Hashysho, Sally Itani, Rougeen Al Jamal, Rihab El Jawhary, Mostafa Kadouh, Beatrice Kassauf, Gadier Nazih Kryani, Sara Kryani, Zeinab Kryani, Joudem Mabsout, Elie Mhanna, Saleh Mneimneh, Sawsane Mortaola, Frida Moussa, Sami Moussa, Elie Naim, Elena Nasr, Kareem Nakkash, Samar Al Noury, Mohammad Karim Osman, Lea Rizk, Elie Saade, Yara Sanjale, Ingrid Sleiman, Nour Taan, Riham Al Timani, Tarek Yassine, Sherine Zaatari, Ayman Al Zarif, Roula Zayat, Lama Zein.

The exhibition is in collaboration with Assabil (Friends of Public Libraries Association) within the framework of the “Découvrir la Méditerranée” project. With the support of the European Commission, Région Île-de-France, the Municipality of Beirut and the Ousseimi Foundation.

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