Albums Marocains (1900-1960)

Curated by Yto Barrada

1999/04/27  -  1999/05/29

Over several years, the Arab Image Foundation assembled a number of photographs from Morocco. The research was conducted on both studio photographers and families. Unlike the images of Flandrin, Bertrand and other French photographers established in Morocco, the photographs collected by the Arab Image Foundation show another aspect of the country, offering a view of the society from the inside.

Since 1900s, particularly in Fez, the photographers who learned the craft through contact with their foreign counterparts began to differ from their elders, especially in how they regarded their own society. Although they carried on photographing prominent and middle class families in outdated studio decors, they also took to the streets to get a glimpse of political events, demonstrations and daily life. The perspective of the streets emerged at last, far from official photography. As society became wealthier, a larger part of the population opted for the camera and was therefore able to create its own images. The photographs collected, whether anonymous or documented, reveal the intimate moments of wealthy families, their homes, their clothing styles and their traditions. In addition, the first waves of immigration mark another set of images, that of the departure, of trains or ships, as well as settlement in the new country.  

74 modern silver prints 53 boards of 40 x 50 cm.

Exhibition co-produced by FNAC Galerie. 

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