Enfants en Noir et Blanc

Organised by Arab Image Foundation and Samir Publishers
2004/03  -  2004/04

In 2004, Samir Publishers and the Arab Image Foundation collaborated on a project entitled “Enfants en noir et blanc”. 

The purpose of this exhibition was to reveal to young students, black and white photographs of children at school, at play and at work. These photographs complemented subject matters in the children’s curriculum as well as gave the students a glimpse of what children at their age used to do in times of leisure or in the classroom.

Founded in 1947, Librairie Samir is a Lebanese publishing house specialized in children’s books. They publish textbooks, encyclopedias, and novels for the youth in Arabic, French, and English. 


Exhibition Itinerary:

  1. International College, Beirut Lebanon, May-Jun 2005
  2. Samir Bookshop, Beirut Lebanon, Mar-Apr 2004



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