The images contained within the AIF’s online platform are made available under the conditions outlined in this policy. By accessing or downloading images contained in the gallery, the user acknowledges they have read this Image Use Policy and agrees to abide by its conditions.

Image Use Policy

The AIF encourages the User to access and enjoy images (digital representations or surrogates) of items in its collection made available online, and to use them non-commercially for personal, artistic, research, and/or educational purposes. The AIF keeps a growing record of how each item image is used, and by whom.

We invite you to inform us when you use an image in order to help us illustrate the multiple lives of the objects in our care.


  1. 1

    a. Images from the collection of the Arab Image Foundation (AIF) made available on the AIF online platform may be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes. The AIF encourages artistic, educational or scholarly uses that can be deemed non-commercial. File sizes available online vary depending on collections’ agreements.          
    Examples of non-commercial uses of the images:
  • Personal or individual research.
  • School and educational materials, if no financial transactions are made
  • Academic or scholarly work in any media (including theses, dissertations, presentations, etc.).
  • Artistic research or presentations which do not involve the sale of an artwork.
  1. b. Metadata of the items are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY SA Attribution-ShareAlike.

  1. c. Permission to reproduce, publish or display any images in a commercial context, or involving the sale of an artwork, or a publication that is to be sold, must be obtained from the AIF by submitting an Image Request Form. Reproduction rights are non-exclusive and will be detailed in the license provided. Permission is subject to the collections agreements provisions; commercial licensing is not guaranteed.  

    Commercial use includes, but is not limited to:
  • Commercially published and distributed material, including books and catalogues, in any media or format (print or electronic), including by scholarly, academic or other presses.
  • Artistic use that may involve a sale of an artwork in the future
  • All products and merchandise, (i.e. posters, calendars, notecards, diaries, mugs, etc.). Advertisements, or promotional materials for any services or products in any media format.
  • Films, videos, TV and web programming that are distributed beyond personal networks.

While we haven’t noted in detail the uses that could be categorized as commercial or non-commercial, we advise you, if you are unsure, to contact the AIF.


  1. 2

    All requests for commercial use or higher resolution files (for either commercial or non-commercial use) must be submitted to the AIF using the Image Request Form.

  1. a. Fees will be calculated based on the intended use as specified in the request. Once a request has been submitted, the User will be provided with a quote, covering handling fees, reproduction fees, as well as fees for the digitization of images that are not already available in high resolution.

  2. b. The general processing time for requests related to digitised objects is 5 working days. The digital production of non-digitised objects may take up to 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the quantity requested.

  3. c. Urgent requests may be processed in a shorter timeframe and are subject to a rush fee.


  1. 3

    All reproductions or use must credit the AIF using the format below (for correct spelling of collection names in French or Arabic, please contact the AIF). Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits.

“[Inventory number of the object], [Name of the collection] collection. Courtesy of the Arab Image Foundation.”

All the information necessary for proper captioning and citation is available when viewing the image on the website.


  1. 4

    Images may not be remixed/changed/transformed nor derivatives made, including cropping and any altering, without the prior consent of the AIF and provided the collections’ agreements provisions allow such use.


  1. 5

    Users are allowed to modify the background on which the image or item was placed.


  1. 6

    The User may not suggest or imply the AIF’s endorsement of any publication or project without prior permission.


  1. 7

    By electing to download the material from this online platform the user agrees:
  1. a. That AIF makes no representations or warranties with respect to ownership of copyrights in the images, and does not represent others who may claim to be authors or owners of copyright of any of the images, and AIF does not warrant that all images on its website are free from rights claimed by third parties and reserves the right to refer the user to a take-down policy.

  2. b. AIF shall not be responsible for any loss or expenses resulting from the use of the images, and the User releases and holds AIF harmless from all liability arising from such use.

  3. c. That the User may not suggest or imply the AIF’s endorsement of any publication or project without prior permission and the endorsement of any product or that service by AIF must not be claimed or implied.

  4. d. That the AIF is not responsible for any discursive or descriptive views expressed or any claims made on the images by third parties.

  5. e. To exonerate, indemnify and hold the AIF harmless for and on account of any and all loss, cost, damage or expense arising out of, or in any way connected with the use which the User makes or permits to be made of the image(s), including any claim or allegation asserted by a third party against the AIF based entirely or in part on the use of the images.


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    This Image Use Policy may be revised from time to time, and it's your responsibility to check this page when you visit the site to ensure that you are familiar with the most recent Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.


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    These Conditions of Use and any amendments thereto shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Lebanon.